The girl at the gym

Published May 8, 2006

There’s a woman who works at the gym, she’s actually the one who gave us our induction, showed us how all the machines worked, and expected us to remember which machines worked which muscles and which order to do them in. She’s pretty in a tomboyish kind of way, with spiky dark hair and a piercing on her face.

I find this woman very intriguing, and I think it’s because she’s the kind of person I think came out of my old school. The school was very sports centred and there were people everywhere, bouncing around in their little shorts, beating other schools at netball, and studying for their physical training and biology classes so that they could ace them and do some kind of coaching/physiotherapy/gym stuff.

Most of these girls hated me and that was because I, in turn, hated sport.

I’m not sure I have a point to this story, but I just find it interesting. I bet those people at school did exactly what they had planned, and turned out exactly as they were expecting. I am completely different to who I was back then, and my life is completely different to what I expected - so much better. I even like sport!! (I’m not good at it, but liking it’s a start, right?)

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