The boy at the gym

Published May 9, 2006

Today, there was a man in a blue t-shirt and he was floating around the weights section. Every now and then he would lift a really heavy weight a few times, make a lot of grunting noises and let us all know that he was very strong.

Then he would put the weight down, and wander round for a bit. He would stalk around the weights in a predatory way, as though he and he alone was man enough to lift those weights. Then he would “accidentally” end up by a mirror, and just happen to check himself out. “Oh, I am so strong and so beautiful.” He would tense his muscles, check his goatee beard for perfection, then return to his routine. Another couple of weights, another wander round, another five minutes in front of the mirror.

It amazes me that he actually manages to make a difference to his body, because it didn’t look like he was getting much done. I didn’t know there were people out there actually like that, I thought it was a vast exaggeration for comedic value. Apparently not. It was very funny to watch. And of course, he didn’t mind me watching him - that’s the type, you know.

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