Eurovision tradition

Published May 22, 2006

Every year since I was allowed to stay up that late, I’ve watched the Eurovision with my mother.

One year, my friend was staying over and we watched it together. We all were allowed one vote and had a fabulous time laughing at all the entries and deciding which one was going to be worthy of our vote.

Last year, my parents were on holiday in this area, and I went and watched it with them in their hotel room - so anxious was I to keep up the tradition.

This year it took me by surprise. I didn’t realise it was that time of year again already. I didn’t have time to plan a trip to see the folks and then I caught a cold anyway.

Mr C had run off to escape the germs, so I was left all by myself, watching the show.

I always think that traditions mean a lot and that the worst is going to happen if we don’t uphold them. Now, I’m starting to realise that the world doesn’t fall apart if you miss out on one.

Although, the crazy Finnish monsters did win, so that could be partly my fault. At first I thought it was a fever-fuelled daydream, but it turns out that the monsters did, in fact, amass the most points.

Roll on next year.

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