Under four seconds of fun

Published April 4, 2006

The Boat Race 2006 was held over the weekend. We accidentally watched it, what with live coverage being on directly after the Grand Prix, and us being way too tired to switch it off. I’ve never watched the Boat Race before, never really been interested, and I can tell you now, after seeing the entire thing in all it’s glory – I so am!

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the fact that the build up to the race was almost an hour long, whilst the actual event was over in a third of that time. ITV put a lot of effort into their pre-race coverage, including very expensive looking adverts and title credits, although they did try and ruin it with the choice of presenter and guest speakers. James Cracknell was the only one worth listening to, and even then he was being decidedly diplomatic.

Eventually, after a lot of faffing around and the people getting into their boats and welly boots flying everywhere, the race actually started, and it was fascinating! They started getting close to each other at one point, but then steered away again. One of the teams was taking on a lot of water and I thought they might sink, but they didn’t.

Then it was all over. It felt like it lasted approximately 3.5 seconds.

I can’t wait for next year!

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