There are two types of people in society

Published March 20, 2006

Those that read instruction manuals, and those that try everything in their power not to.

After the fiasco of the snapping turtle incident (see what I did there? Snapping pictures, snapping turtles? Oh, come on, it’s Monday morning!), Mr C decided to go out and buy a new camera.

It is the best camera ever. The first thing I did, was take it out the box and root around for the battery pack. Mr C, however, picked up the instruction manual, turned to page 1, and cleared his throat.

And thus, the argument was born. Why would you want to read through 100 odd pages of stuffy step by step instructions when you can just fiddle around and have a go and see what happens? It’s much more fun. I don’t think I pick up half as much stuff from reading a book as I do from actually attempting to do things, and figuring things out for myself. Of course, that is why he knows how to do that cool motion slow shutter speed thing, and I don’t, but I’ll get there in the end! And if not, I’ll just ask him. (And that will be the argument - part two!)

Of course, there was also the face he pulled every time I held the camera. I know I am clumsy and stupid and that it’s a brand new piece of very expensive technology, but is it really necessary to wince every time I wave it around a little bit close to the corner of the table?

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