Malaysia 2006: Driver of the day

Published March 19, 2006

To be honest, it didn’t seem like any of the drivers were on top form and no-one particularly stood out for me.

I thought Heidfeld put in a great race, kept his head down and was pootling around in fifth place, until his car gave up and he had to retire.

I won a bet with Mr C that Massa would finish in front of Schumacher, despite him protesting that team orders would reverse the situation.

Button put in a good drive, but lacked the pace and was held up by traffic at the crucial moments of the race.

That leaves the Renaults. Martin Brundle picked Fisichella as his driver of the day, as he started from pole and drove a pretty faultless race to claim his first 2006 victory. However, my Driver Of The Day is Alonso. Given the mistake suffered in qualifying, I think he kept his head and drove the race to the best of his and the car’s strengths. Plus he avoided what could have been a nasty corner at the very first turn of the race and managed to pick up several places at the same time.

On a side note, I now have hate campaigns going against Scott Speed (for obvious reasons), and for the Midland F1 cars, because they look like every single other car on the track. Is it Montoya? Is it Coulthard? No, it’s that dastardly Midland again!

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