Published January 23, 2006

As usual, when I proclaim that this weekend we will spend no money at all, we go out and find something to buy. Perhaps one day I will say “You know what? Spend all the money you can,” and I will not come home with anything new. (This is not a good idea.)

Thankfully, I didn’t buy the bulk of it, and merely adopted the toy as my own: A PSP.

It is the coolest little thing…

I spent the majority of the afternoon playing Grand Theft Auto on there, and came away with a headache and it was still fantastic. We used up all of the given memory (which wasn’t a lot), and played around with background wallpapers from the internet.

However, this was all tainted by the one little pixel that couldn’t survive the trip. The one little pixel that is broken and glows white when the rest of the screen is black. I’ve heard that a lot of people have broken pixels, and there’s a threshold after which you can take it back. But one is not too many, although it is far too many for me.

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