The sunniest bank holiday weekend ever

Published August 30, 2005

We decided to go to Swanage, which was incredibly busy, although there was surprisingly little traffic around, considering. I was a little disappointed that the beaches were so busy, because I wanted to build my sand castle.

The last time we were at the beach, I felt like digging but was told that I couldn’t build a sandcastle without the proper equipment - a bucket and spade. So, when we got to Swanage, I made a beeline for the nearest beachside shop and purchased some. When we finally managed to pitch a spot on the crowded sand, Mr C sat down and said he would watch, I put my bucket and spade down and looked at the ground.

“What do I do now?”

To my recollection, I have never built a sandcastle. I used to like to dig and I would make piles of sand, or bury my feet or someone else’s, but I can never remember actually building a sandcastle. So, I had a masterclass in the art of sand castle building and I think I did pretty well for my first time.


Anyway, after we had enjoyed the obligatory ice cream and I had run away screaming from the Punch & Judy show that was minutes from starting, we decided to head a bit further up the coast to see what we could find.

Mr C said he wanted to see Durdle Door, a cliff that has been naturally eroded into a spectacular arch. Arriving at the carpark, I looked around.

“I can’t see it.”

Him: “No, it’s over that hill.”

Me: “What hill?”

Him: “That hill.”

Steep hill

I didn’t think it was that steep, but by the time we got to the top, after several nonchalant stops to look at the view (read: get our breath back), I declared that there should be a sign at the bottom making sure you’re aware that it’s “not as easy as it looks”. But, it was all worth it once we started descending the other side.

Durdle Door

It was so beautiful, that even though I neglected to bring any sort of swimwear or towels or any such useful items, I still decided to go for a dip.

Swimming below Durdle Door

I got sunburnt on the journey back over the hill, dripping all the way, it wasn’t a very comfortable drive home, and we were too exhausted to do anything but order in food and then retire to bed, but I would do it a thousand times over.

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