Extras and Catherine Tate

Published August 26, 2005


I really liked this. Lots of people and a hell of a lot of critics have been whining about its similarities to The Office but it not being as funny. I think you have to take this show as it was intended. It’s similar to The Office, in that it makes you cringe and the people won’t shut up when they really should. But I think that’s where the similarities end.

It’s not as funny, but there are some really classic moments in there, and even if you take all of the laughs out, it’s still a really incredible insight into the characters and the people they interact with. The celebrities are all really good-natured about it, especially Les Dennis who I thought was really brave, but the main story is between Andy and Maggie.

Last night, the final installment of this first series, I thought it was brilliant just to watch their interactions, even if I wasn’t always laughing.

Catherine Tate

The first episode was excellent. If you only ever watch one show of this in your life, then you’ll really enjoy it. But each week, the script is practically the same, with a few tweaks in subject matter. I actually think the supporting actors are the best thing about the show, especially the boy that always comes to visit Nan.

My personal faves are the gay man (“How very dare you?”), the waitress (“Can I get any fries for yourselves today?”) and the guessing woman. The others I can take or leave. I also thought that the final sketch in this final episode had gratuitous use of Peter Kay, but that’s just my opinion.

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