Published August 23, 2005

In order to get my lazy backside off the sofa and doing a bit of exercise, but not wanting to go into the big, bad world of outside, I purchased a fitness DVD. I already own the Hotpants Workout (let me tell you now though, I will never wear hotpants), but I was starting to get bored of it and fancied a change. Enter Angela Griffin and her Dance Mix Workout.

It’s actually really good, and I don’t find myself getting breathless but feel myself being exercised, which is always a good thing. My only criticism is that the woman showing us the moves (that’s not Angela Griffin) is way too skinny, and she keeps saying “bootylicious”. I don’t need to hear that.

There’s one section called Hip Hop, and let me tell you now, if P Diddy needs anybody in his next video, give him my number! After doing some of those moves, I can mince it with the best of them! What’s that you say? He’s not called P Diddy anymore? I wish I could keep up.

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