Finally, I made it to the zoo

Published May 2, 2005

After months of bad weather, I actually managed to get a nice, sunny day and one where I didn’t have to work. So, I hot-footed it to Marwell Zoo and spent a couple of hours there snapping pictures and looking at the cute animals.

There were a million kids there, along with their mothers and the pushchairs. In fact, I’d go so far as to wager a bet that it was actually a pushchair convention, considering I don’t think I actually spotted anyone without one. Perhaps it’s the new ‘black’. I don’t really understand the point in bringing a kid that young. If it’s not old enough to be able to walk its way around the zoo, I don’t think it’s old enough to appreciate the difference between a leopard, a tiger and next door’s tabby.

I did manage to get a whole heap of photos, although I have realised now that I should have noted down the name of some of the less obvious ones. Zebra and Giraffe I can guess, other things are less obvious. And, as happened when I visited the Oceanarium in Bournemouth, animals aren’t necessarily the best posers. Darn.

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