Happy we will be beyond the sea

Published February 5, 2005

I went to Bournemouth today. It was a dull day and not really one for paddling, so instead, I journeyed into the Oceanarium - a sort of Sea Life Centre. There will be plenty of photos to peruse in the Photo Blog soon enough, although it’s hard work getting a fish that’s still for long enough to take its photo.

A little boy was having the time of his life in the section where you can walk under a tank full of sharks and rays and turtles. His dad looked fed up:

Boy: Dad, did you know that if you touch a bad shark with even just your finger, you’ll die?

Dad: Really.

Boy: Are these bad sharks?

Dad: I don’t think so. I think these are nice sharks.

Boy: Oh, I want to see some bad sharks.

Dad: Ummm, not today.

Boy: If they’re not bad sharks, can I get in and swim with them?

Dad: Ummm, not today.

I worry that this answer is only putting off further questioning tomorrow, but I’m not sure I could come up with any better responses.

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