Let me be your fantasy

Published March 1, 2005

Oh my god, just four days left to the first Grand Prix weekend!!! How excited??

To celebrate, I thought I would join in the fun (and make it extra exciting in case Schumacher decides to dominate again) by participating in a Fantasy F1 competition. You pick the elements, driver, tyres, etc, and score points depending on how well they do.

But all the ones I looked at just weren’t quite right for me, so instead, I decided to make my own. And you know what? It’s a hell of a lot more complicated than you might think. First you have to decide the rules. How many of each thing and what things are you going to be able to pick? How much money and how many transfers are you allowed to start with? When and how do you make changes? Any bonuses?

Then you have to price the elements up, which is made much harder by teams not deciding on their drivers until the last minute, and by not knowing whether Red Bull are going to be any good or not. And then after all that, you have to work out how many points you score for each of the items depending on where they end up. There’s so much to think about.

I’ve done the first draft and Mr C went over it and found too many flaws for my liking, so now I’m onto the second draft. And the first Grand Prix is so close…


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