DVD Day #7

Published March 1, 2005

A disappointing week this week. Starting with Resident Evil 2 and The Talented Mr Ripley (which was recorded off the television, not rented), both of which left me feeling I’d missed something. Resident Evil suffered from the fatal “sequel disease”, the symptoms of which include trying too hard to come up with a story that doesn’t really work thus include much more shooting and monsters to try and make up for it. These were swiftly followed by Wimbledon and Bridget Jones 2, accompanied with some homemade trifle.

Two romantic comedies in a row is asking a bit much, but nevertheless, we gave it a shot. Wimbledon was slated by the critics at the time of its release, but I liked it. The ending was obvious, Kirsten Dunst spent another entire film saying “Peter” (just like Spiderman) and there were a couple of plot holes (aren’t there always?). On the plus side, the guy with the giant head was in it, it was set at Wimbledon which I love, and Chris Moyles voice was in it (which I got a little bit overexcited about - I don’t know why). Gets my vote.

Bridget Jones is another story. The first one just scraped through with me because it was funny enough to outweigh the mushiness and there was a genuine story of girl meets boy, meets another boy, can’t decide between the two. This second installment was just… awful. First off, Mark Darcy is too damned perfect. She embarrassed him in front of his friends and colleagues, and he apologised that he couldn’t take her home. Don’t be ridiculous. She shouted at him because she thought he was having an affair which he wasn’t and he still went chasing after her and told her he loved her. And he folds his underwear. She came along and unfolded it, then tried to fold it back up but it was completely different to how it had been folded in the first place. I’m not an expert but I’m pretty sure that if a man folds his underwear, he’s not going to be happy when someone riffles it and puts it back different. A completely unbelievable character.

And what really bugged me about it was that Bridget was whining on about him not asking her to marry him after only eight weeks of being together. Are you having a laugh? We got as far as her going to Thailand and trying out some mushrooms of the magic variety, but then we got fed up and switched it off. I’m not normally one for giving up halfway through films, but in the end I just didn’t care what happened to Bridget and Mark and… the other guy.

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