I'm going to be typically British and talk about the weather

Published March 18, 2005

How unpredictable is the weather at the moment? This time last week it was pouring down with rain. Two days ago, it was so windy that I actually wanted to stay in the office rather than risk going outside. Today, it’s sunny as hell. In fact, I’ve been watching for signs of spring, but forget that, summer looks like it’s here.

I would be happy about this if it weren’t for the fact that you can’t guarantee it will be like this tomorrow. I’d love to finally get one of the things crossed off my ‘Places to Visit’ list, by going to the zoo. So far, it’s been too cold or raining or too grey and there’s no point in visiting the animals if the furry little things are going to hide in their shelters all day long.

I constantly check the BBC Weather service, but it’s not really the help it should be. Aside from the fact that the 5-Day forecast changes on a regular basis (and by change I mean I check on Monday and it says Saturday will be sunny, then I check on Tuesday and it says Saturday will be raining), it’s also particularly vague. One cloud symbol does not really explain to me whether it’s going to be okay for me to venture out to the zoo or not.

The purchase of an iPod means I’m actually looking forward to being able to get out of the house and go for walks. The desire to actually want to walk is a great step up from the hibernation of winter and I can’t wait to get out there and stomp around. Of course, given my luck and the British Weather, it’s most likely going to snow.

Weather Update: No snow or rain, just a very thick fog.

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