Flash, aaahh!

Published March 8, 2005

The light above my head started flickering at work yesterday. It started with just the level of the light dipping. Then there was a rhythmic flickering, then it started flashing on and off. The guy in charge of repairs and other such things was in the middle of something important, and would be a while, so we were left working with a disco light atmosphere.

I thought it would give me a headache but it actually made me feel really sick. So, today, I was hoping they would have sorted it, but no, the repairs man was on his way to Manchester. That doesn’t help. I had two people clamber all over my desk today, then my boss decided we couldn’t stand the flashing lights anymore so she’d rather switch the whole row off. Working in the dark did stop the sickness, but it gave me a headache.

Eventually, a second-in-command repairs man graced us with his presence and switched off just the one bulb, leaving us with plenty of light to see by and no strobe effects. He did, however, manage to break the reflective cover, so he took that away with him. I was left with three excessively bright bulbs above my head.

Err, Health & Safety???

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