Things that wind me up #4

Published February 9, 2005

  • The guy that rattles his change in his pockets incessantly. I don’t care how much money you have or haven’t got on you so please find a less irritating nervous habit.
  • The people in Holby City that use their mobile phones all the time - even the doctors! This is not a good message to send out to your viewers. In ER, the only time I’ve ever seen reference to a mobile phone is when Carter switched his on as he was exiting the building, not while he was stood next to someone’s life-support machine.
  • Jamelia’s song DJ. The lyrics are: “DJ, give me a beat I can rock to, I want a joint you can drop to, the ceiling is caving in, the speakers is rumbling.” The speakers are rumbling, love. It would make no difference to the timing or to the meaning of the sentence but would be grammatically correct.
  • That I had one good thing to write on this Wind Me Up but I put the other three first so that I wouldn’t forget them and have promptly forgotten the original idea. Dammit!
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