Sometimes a girl needs comfort food

Published February 12, 2005

But this involves going outside. Although I am anti-outside almost all the time, today is worse than usual. It is windy. I hate the wind. I don’t actually know why, except that it just makes me edgy.

When I was walking out of work and bumped into a colleague a while back, he said, “Windy isn’t it?” and I replied, “Yes, it makes my hair go everywhere.” Not really the impression I want to give off, I don’t care whether my hair goes everywhere, I just couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Another colleague goes for a walk every day and asks me what the weather’s like. When I say it’s windy outside, I follow this with a shudder and he laughs. I told him once that I didn’t like the wind because I always think I might get blown away to China. I think this stems from something as a child. One of the earliest things my brain can think of, is me in a little pink puffy full body suit (being about two or three years old) holding onto my dad’s hand, walking along by a wall at one of old houses, and being blown up into the air. If my dad hadn’t had hold of my hand, I could have gone flying.

Anyway, my colleague laughs at my ‘being blown to China’ ideas and says I am funny (meaning stupid). He may well stand there and laugh, but think about it. It didn’t work out too well for Dorothy, did it? Landing in a weird place full of Munchkins and then having to walk for miles to find some guy that flies off in his balloon and leaves her there? That’s an adventure I can do without, thanks.

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