Tunnel vision

Published January 16, 2005

Back in the days when Mr C and I first began spending quite a lot of time together, we went to London several times, and on one of these journeys, I was introduced to the phenomenon that is “Underground Bridges”. I have mentioned them briefly before but not in too much detail.

Basically, entering London on the M4, you travel through what any normal person would call a tunnel. But Mr C absent-mindedly called it an underground bridge and then would not admit he was wrong and tried to convince me that it could be called an underground bridge. I wasn’t having any of it.

Imagine my horror when reading my current book Trojan Odyssey by Clive Cussler and spotting this paragraph:

‘…has plans for building a dry canal between the oceans.’

‘A dry canal across Nicaragua?’ questioned Loren. ‘That’s a new one.’

‘Actually, the engineers called it an “underground bridge”.’

Even if it takes two years and a lot of me making fun at him - he always manages to be proved right.

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