My internal thermostat

Published January 13, 2005

I’m glad I live in a world of heaters and electricity and extra thick cuddly jumpers and soft slippers. And I’m glad I live in a world of air conditioning and ice cubes and cold showers. Can I decide which world I like best? Um, no.

When I get cold, I really get cold - my hands turn to blocks of ice and my nose is always colder than the rest of my face. But in summer, I can’t stand the heat and will mope about, complaining about the heat, before stepping into a cold shower for the fourth time that very day.

I know I’d rather be cold than hot, because you can always put on more clothes or find a blanket or have a cup of tea if you’re cold. If you’re hot, there’s only so many layers you can take off before you’re arrested for indecent exposure. I just wish there was somewhere in the middle - an intermediate temperature so that I could exist comfortably.

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