One rule for you and one for everyone else

Published January 26, 2005

This article tells us that every single team lined up for this year of F1 is happy to limit their testing time throughout the season. All, that is, except Ferrari.

Surprise, surprise, the boys in red have decided that they’re above the rules that apply for everyone else and will test whenever and wherever they feel like it. Whilst they’re not actually breaking any ruling, some may call this an unfair advantage… I call it cheating.

I’ve always said that to make each race more enjoyable and less predictable, it’s a good idea to disregard the red chassis streaking past the chequered flag and just pay attention to the other teams battling it out for second place. For real sports fans, who like to cheer what’s actually happening instead of what they can talk themselves into happening, it’s hard to use that extra bit of imagination. Well, guess what? Now you don’t need to. If Ferrari win, it’s because they can test at every single track. If BAR come second, it’s because they’re so good that the only ones who can beat them are the cheaters.

Ferrari are trying to keep one step of the game, but are actually separating themselves from the main body of the sport. It won’t bode well for them.

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