Stick to your guns

Published November 18, 2004

This Boycotting Christmas thing is much harder than you’d think. It started with me just saying I wouldn’t go to the Christmas Meal. Then a colleague said that if I didn’t go, he wouldn’t go and then he’d have a miserable Christmas and it would be all my fault. Well, I have principles, but they don’t stand up to that kind of pressure, so I agreed to go.

But now, there’s a Christmas Outing and a Secret Santa all about to be organised and everyone else will be enjoying it and will expect me to take part. I don’t want to take part in these Christmas activities, I’m supposed to be boycotting the whole caboodle! But, of course, if I go to the Meal, then I’ve got no excuse not to join in with the other fun festivities, so I decide not to go to the meal but then I’m back at square one all over again! Help me!

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