Published November 11, 2004

We so should have called our film festival DVD Day. Anyway, we watched The Day After Tomorrow and Troy.

During the week, Mr C purchased Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure and Live Aid 4 Disc Special Edition. He’d previously seen Dave Gorman live on stage, and laughed so much that DG actually stopped and looked at him, so my expectations were pretty high. I only managed to watch half of it in one go, but it was funny. I remembered parts of it from the book, which helped, as he talks really fast. It was good though, I’m going to watch the second half soon.

Live Aid was a bit before my time and sheltered upbringing, so I was a bit clueless about the whole thing. It was funny to hear Mr C state he knew everything about everything to do with it, only to be stumped at half the people that appear on Do They Know It’s Christmas. We’ve only skipped through two of the four discs so far, and my favourite parts are Sting with Dire Straits (I so didn’t know that he was the ‘I want my MTV’ guy, that information completely made my day), the guy that has to run around after Bono with a microphone lead (sad to think he’s out of a job now), and of course, the mighty Queen (Freddie Mercury just takes the audience from the minute he steps on stage, and creates a sea of clapping hands - it’s a kind of magic!).

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