Our own film festival

Published November 6, 2004

I so desperately wanted to call it “Film Fest Friday” for alliteration and general coolness reasons, but unfortunately it takes place on a Sunday.

Following a complaint from me about the amount of Quality Time we were spending together, Mr C made a special effort and we are now taking part in our second Film Fest Sunday. This involves me renting us two films, us digesting the first along with a bucketful of popcorn, then walking and discussing what we have just seen before watching the second film. And at some point dinner can take place, depending on how much popcorn we have stuffed.

However, time has been short of late and we have a backlog of watchable films to get through, so my two selections for tomorrow are both great and fit the criteria. Roll on Film Fest Sunday No. 2. (Note: The first one involved The Butterfly Effect and Farenheit 9 / 11, in case you’re wondering, and I was disappointed though intrigued by the first and fell asleep during the second.)

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