Published November 6, 2004

When I was younger I used to do 24 Hour Famines for World Vision, and it used to be really difficult. These days, I don’t blink if I forget to eat all day and when I do eat, I don’t really appreciate what I’m taking in.

I was never very good at the sponsorship side of the fund-raising, I detest asking people for money, especially the people who would put their names down and then be very evasive about coughing up the dough. I would often top up the money with my own, just to avoid having that confrontation.

Today, I have a conscience and feel that I ought to be doing something to help others less fortunate than myself. It’s likely that the feeling will pass in a few hours and nothing will be done, but right now, sign me up to sponsor a child, a dolphin, a granny. I think this is inspired: The Alternative Gift Catalogue. When I am a bit more well off, I think my presents will come from here - be warned.

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