The Red Baron

Published September 12, 2004

Credit where credit is due, Michael Schumacher drove a great race today. It’s hard to hide disappointment in the fact that he completed the first lap down about 15th and finishes the race in second, but if it was anyone else but Schumi, we’d think he was a star, so I guess he should have a well done.

An interesting point to note - they didn’t push Alonso back on the track, despite being in a dangerous position… I’m sure I remember them pushing a certain someone in a certain car back on track in a different race. And isn’t it a coincidence that it’s Italy - Ferrari’s home turf. Alonso’s going to have some words to say about that, there’s no doubt!

And some commentary worth noting:

“It’s like trying to nail jelly to the wall…” - Martin Brundle talking about driving dry tyres on the wet surface.

“And what about Ferrari… the prancing horse roaring again…” - Jim Rosenthal. Funny, I don’t remember ever hearing a horse roar.

“And there he is… the Red Baron…” - James Allen describing Michael Schumacher entering the top three. Interesting comparison, the actual Red Baron being a German fighter pilot who is famous for bringing down about 50 enemy planes.

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