I wish I was an Eskimo

Published September 5, 2004

You know all those people that are flitting off to Spain and Australia to start a new life in the sun? (You’ll know what I mean, there are about a hundred programmes following their fortunes on the television!) I have one word for them - crazy.

I stepped outside today for a moment and almost melted. It’s almost winter time and where the hell is the Autumn? It’s September and the sun is shining? All summer I’ve been trying to convince myself that I’m one of those people that likes the sunshine, that likes to sit out in the garden and burn their skin. But now, I’m fed up. It’s TOO HOT! I hate it. The heat gives me a headache, makes me tired and means I can’t get anything done at all. I had plans for today and achieved none of them.

From now on, I’m quite happy to be a sulky, winter-type person, who is pasty white and mysterious looking. It’s fine. In fact, I’m going to move to Iceland.

On a completely different note, I saw a convertible Herbie car today, I want one! To drive around Iceland in.

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