Published July 25, 2004

Lots to say so I’ll just get on with it. I’ve been buying games by the truckload, even though I wasn’t really done with the ones I had before. Have now got The Simpsons Hit & Run (very funny), Pirates of The Caribbean game (a little hard to control but I’ve not given up yet!) and Zoo Tycoon Marine Mania, which is really fun and adds dolphins and jellyfish and sharks to my zoos. It’s hard to get anything done these days.

I have so much to do today, there’s book reviews to be done (should have a new layout soon - yay!) and I also need to add Permalinks, and also the poetry, which I have done so many times but keep changing the layout and which poems I put in there.

I tried to watch The Hole when it was on TV, and I thought it was really good, but I didn’t manage to see the end, so now I’m going to have to rent it out just to see the end. D’oh!

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