Almost there

Published April 25, 2004

Today, I almost managed to finish reading the whole of The Economist. I’m getting closer and closer every week, but my worry is that I won’t ever actually reach my goal. This week’s edition had no surveys in it and had only the basic sections, two special reports, stories from different countries plus business and finance. If I couldn’t read it when it’s at its smallest, when will I ever be able to?

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that I spontaneously decided to go to the zoo. It was really fun, my favourites were the penguins and the flamingoes, the giraffes and of course, the tortoise. I was snapping lots of photos all the way round, but when I got halfway and tried to change my film, I also had a panic that the camera had broken… turns out it was just a dodgy film and luckily I had brought another one, so the crisis was averted!

I didn’t watch the Grand Prix today, it’s no fun watching it without someone I can hound with gazillions of questions. I did hear that Button started first and ended up second, so congratulations to him. I did also, catch the opening credits as I was flicking through the channels and they were playing his girlfriend’s song!

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