A rant at the adverts

Published April 19, 2004

Three adverts have caught my attention and not for good reasons…

Firstly, the second instalment of the Yakult Bacteria guy. I actually quite appreciate the idea of the advert and think it’s really nice that the girl is sticking up for her geeky friend. BUT… those Yakult bottles are so expensive, you just WOULD NOT give one away like that. Not even to a friend! And especially not to two horrible bullies.

Second, the Vauxhall advert, I can’t remember which car it is, but the basic premise is two possibly five-year-olds are acting as if they are the fathers in the family, talking about ‘how old are your two now?’ and how ’they’re growing up fast’. I don’t know about anyone else but I find the idea of those two boys (who pull it off really well, it has to be said), being miniature adults really creepy.

And finally, one of the adverts that are an attempt to stop smoking. It’s the one with the man talking about how his heart skips a beat and how his children feel they have already lost their father. Once again, I appreciate the sentiment but this guy just gets on my nerves and I find myself shouting at the TV that he shouldn’t have smoked then. I think the advert for the same idea with the lady that can’t take a breath and then the screen shows “enough said” is much more effective.

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