What Ifs & Maybes by Tom Grennan

Published July 2, 2023

What Ifs & Maybes by Tom Grennan

Album info

  • Title What Ifs & Maybes
  • Artist Tom Grennan
  • Year 2023
  • Genre Alternative


  1. How Does It Feel
  2. Remind Me
  3. Crown Your Love
  4. Here
  5. Before You
  6. Sleeping Rough
  7. This Side of the Room
  8. Psychedelic Kisses
  9. All These Nights
  10. Problems
  11. Head Up
  12. Love Don’t Cost a Thing
  13. Someone I Used to Know
  14. You are Not Alone


I don’t know if in my head I was confusing Tom Grennan with someone else, or just not knowing him at all, but I wasn’t expecting great things from this. His appearance at Glastonbury (having nothing to do with being topless, obviously) caught my attention and I realised these were good songs, catchy, and some of them I did actually know and like. And that pretty much sums up the album, great songs, some of which I know, many of which I didn’t but the kind that grab you and immediately get you on board. Good times!

Rating: 5 / 5

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