The Good Witch by Maisie Peters

Published July 9, 2023

The Good Witch by Maisie Peters

Album info

  • Title The Good Witch
  • Artist Maisie Peters
  • Year 2023
  • Genre Alternative


  1. The Good Witch
  2. Coming of Age
  3. Watch
  4. Body Better
  5. Want You Back
  6. The Band and I
  7. You’re Just a Boy (and I’m Kinda the Man)
  8. Lost the Breakup
  9. Wendy
  10. Run
  11. Two Weeks Ago
  12. BSC
  13. Therapy
  14. There It Goes
  15. History of Man


I first became aware of Maisie Peters via the soundtrack to Trying, one of Apple TV+’s best and underrated shows. That was very much simple, singer-songwriter ditties, whereas this full album is much more poppy with fuller production and more to say. I really liked the album and it grew on me even more on a second listen so I think a few more times through and this will be a real staple on the playlist.

Rating: 4 / 5

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