Romance by Camila Cabello

Published December 13, 2019

Romance by Camila Cabello

Album info

  • Title Romance
  • Artist Camila Cabello
  • Year 2019
  • Genre Pop


  1. Shameless
  2. Living Proof
  3. Should’ve Said It
  4. Señorita
  5. Liar
  6. Bad Kind of Butterflies
  7. Easy
  8. Feel It Twice
  9. Dream of You
  10. Cry for Me
  11. This Love
  12. Used to This
  13. First Man


I was quite surprised by this album. I’ve had a bit of a run of looking forward to some releases and then finding them kinda mediocre but this one was a step up. The one song stands out a little bit because it was so desperately overplayed, but actually the rest of it lives up to the pressure of that huge single.

It’s got that lovely Latin feel, with upbeat tracks offset by a bit of soul searching (although thankfully not too much). It feels open and honest whilst not sacrificing anything in fun or musicality in the pursuit of telling her stories. A good one to end the year on.

Rating: 4 / 5

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