Placebo by Placebo

Published September 7, 2019

Placebo by Placebo

Album info

  • Title Placebo
  • Artist Placebo
  • Year 1996
  • Genre Alternative


  1. Come Home
  2. Teenage Angst
  3. Bionic
  4. 36 Degrees
  5. Hang on to Your IQ
  6. Nancy Boy
  7. I Know
  8. Bruise Pristine
  9. Lady of the Flowers
  10. Swallow


I was expecting this to be more of a rock/punk album, all guitars and shouting, but actually it was a bit more muso than that. There was a lot of drumming, lots of musical interludes, and a variety of vocals - singing, shouting, talking, all sorts.

It was a good album, not boring but also somehow kind of mellowed into the background, so that I was never really giving it my full attention. And I don’t think it will be particularly memorable either.

Rating: 2 / 5

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