Northern Star by Melanie C

Published July 18, 2021

Northern Star by Melanie C

Album info

  • Title Northern Star
  • Artist Melanie C
  • Year 1999
  • Genre Pop


  1. Go!
  2. Northern Star
  3. Goin’ Down
  4. I Turn To You
  5. If That Were Me
  6. Never Be the Same Again
  7. Why
  8. Suddenly Monday
  9. Ga Ga
  10. Be the One
  11. Closer
  12. Feel the Sun


I knew a lot more of this album than I thought, I guess at the time I was really interested in what Mel would do post-Spice Girls. It’s a really good album, with lots of catchy pop songs, but I do think it feels like a hotch-potch collection rather than a coherent album. Like Mel was properly experimenting with all genres - dance, latin, modern pop, classic pop, a little bit of everything. I enjoyed listening to it though, and there are some classic songs on there that will stand the test of time.

Rating: 4 / 5

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