Let The Bad Times Roll by The Offspring

Published April 24, 2021

Let The Bad Times Roll by The Offspring

Album info

  • Title Let The Bad Times Roll
  • Artist The Offspring
  • Year 2021
  • Genre Rock


  1. This Is Not Utopia
  2. Let The Bad Times Roll
  3. Behind Your Walls
  4. Army Of One
  5. Breaking These Bones
  6. Coming For You
  7. We Never Have Sex Anymore
  8. In The Hall Of The Mountain King
  9. The Opioid Diaries
  10. Hassan Chop
  11. Gone Away
  12. Lullaby


Another band that I didn’t know were still around. This was an okay album, short, sharp, fast, with all the hallmarks of the punk rock feels that The Offspring used to deliver. The Hall of the Mountain King is a bit of an oddity, and I couldn’t get away from how much Gone Away sounds like Mad World. So the second half of the album was a bit of a distracted event for me, but overall pretty good!

Rating: 3 / 5

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