Hi by Texas

Published June 6, 2021

Hi by Texas

Album info

  • Title Hi
  • Artist Texas
  • Year 2021
  • Genre Rock


  1. Mr Haze
  2. Hi
  3. Just Want to Be Liked
  4. Unbelievable
  5. Moonstar
  6. Dark Fire
  7. Look What You’ve Done
  8. Heaven Knows
  9. You Can Call Me
  10. Sound of My Voice
  11. Falling
  12. Hi (Single Mix)
  13. Had a Hard Day
  14. Had to Leave


I love Texas and this album lived up to all my expectations. Sharleen’s incredible voice layered over some great pop-rock songs. I don’t know if any of it stood out as exceptional to me, but as a whole it’s a really good album. I don’t totally understand why the single Hi is on their twice, I feel like the band should have picked which version they liked best and gone with that, but you can’t argue with a bit of bonus Wu Tang Clan.

Rating: 4 / 5

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