Crimes of Passion by Pat Benatar

Published March 6, 2021

Crimes of Passion by Pat Benatar

Album info

  • Title Crimes of Passion
  • Artist Pat Benatar
  • Year 1980
  • Genre Rock


  1. Treat Me Right
  2. You Better Run
  3. Never Wanna Leave You
  4. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  5. Hell Is For Children
  6. Little Paradise
  7. I’m Gonna Follow You
  8. Wuthering Heights
  9. Prisoner of Love
  10. Out-a-Touch


I didn’t know that I knew so many of Pat’s songs - mostly I started being aware of her from Pitch Perfect. It surprised me how rocky the whole album is, I really liked it! Although, on the flip side, there’s a cover of Wuthering Heights and it’s fine but I don’t know that anyone should bother doing a cover of that when Kate Bush nailed it first time. Otherwise, though, a really strong rock album!

Rating: 4 / 5

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