Busted by Busted

Published August 8, 2019

Busted by Busted

Album info

  • Title Busted
  • Artist Busted
  • Year 2002
  • Genre Pop


  1. What I Go To School For
  2. You Said No
  3. Britney
  4. Losing You
  5. Year 3000
  6. Psycho Girl
  7. All The Way
  8. Sleeping With The Light On
  9. Dawson’s Geek
  10. Without You
  11. Loser Kid


What a journey I’ve been on listening to this album. At first, I was excited. I love Busted, who doesn’t? Then I was surprised. I know more of these songs than I expected. In fact, I know all of them! I must have owned this album when it was first release. Hoorah!

And then I really listened. And you know what? This is one of those pieces of art that is actually kinda problematic the more time that passes. It wasn’t so bad when it was first released, and even thought you kinda know that these are just some horny teenage boys who don’t actually mean any harm… well, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

Listening in the current climate, you can’t ignore the guy stalking Britney to try and see her naked, or complaining about his girlfriend not going all the way with him, and if we’re going to be really picky, why is it only the women swimming around town totally naked?

It’s disappointing really, because I like the music - pop and punky guitars that make you want to jump. But I’m going to need the boys to update their lyrics, I think.

Rating: 2 / 5

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