Baby I'm-A Want You by Bread

Published November 20, 2022

Baby I'm-A Want You by Bread

Album info

  • Title Baby I'm-A Want You
  • Artist Bread
  • Year 1972
  • Genre Rock


  1. Mother Freedom
  2. Baby I’m-A Want You
  3. Down On My Knees
  4. Everything I Own
  5. Nobody Like You
  6. Diary
  7. Dream Lady
  8. Daughter
  9. Games of Magic
  10. This Isn’t What the Governmeant
  11. Just Like Yesterday
  12. I Don’t Love You


Two things happened that made Bread this week’s album. My dad suggested them as a band I hadn’t experienced yet, and then Everything I Own was featured on a TV show and I realised how much I love that song without knowing who the artist was. As soon as I saw it was Bread, the two things clicked into place and thus, time for a 1970s soft-rock album. It was really good, that song stood out, and I was a bit annoyed at the concept of the song Diary - don’t read people’s diaries - but very 70s in the best way, a nice gentle album to get you through the week.

Rating: 4 / 5

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