X-Men 2

Published January 12, 2015

X-Men 2

Film info

  • Title X-Men 2
  • Director Bryan Singer
  • Year 2003
  • Run time 2hrs 14m
  • Genres Science-Fiction, Action, Adventure
  • Tagline The time has come for those who are different to stand united

The evolution continues in the next thrilling adventure in the X-Men saga. In the wake of a shocking attack on the President, the X-Men face their most dangerous mission ever. They must stand united with their deadliest enemies to combat a menace that threatens mankind... and mutantkind.

Live blog

Time Comment
0:54 Can’t ever take Patrick Stewart doing an intro voiceover seriously anymore. Apache helicopter and all that.
2:31 I wonder how many fictional presidents there have been on film.
5:57 You can tell Wolverine in shadow because of his Flock of Seagulls haircut.
10:05 I forgot about Rogue. Best name ever.
22:01 The mind is more like a beehive than a box to be opened. Interesting.
25:13 So unrealistic. The printer didn’t jam or run out of ink or anything.
31:01 “Got any beer?” “This is a school.”
37:59 Wolverine’s hulked out. Don’t make him angry.
43:04 Oh god, it’s Cyclops’ car.
53:56 I shouldn’t like the plastic prison, but it’s so awesome.
59:46 “Have you tried not being a mutant?”
1:06:30 They’re all weapons.
1:09:27 Slightly on Magneto’s side after saving the plane crash.
1:21:21 I always think stealing identities is a bit of a rubbish story, but it can be fun.
1:24:58 You just can’t rely on Logan to see things through!
1:29:04 Uh oh. Somebody broke that.
1:34:52 So they both have rock hard skeletons and can fix themselves. This fight could go on forever.
1:38:45 Best bunker ever.
1:43:11 Except for the leaking water bit.
1:50:28 It’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. Fit the mutant power to the situation.
2:03:13 I predicted the ice guy would get involved in the flood. Wrong.


I know that I had seen the first X-Men film before posting it here, but I couldn’t remember about this one. Even after watching it, I’m not sure, but I’m erring on the side of not having seen it before. It’s very similar to the first one, with Hugh Jackman flitting in and out, a group of kids trying their best to fit in, and a big bad threatening the world.

The scenes with Bobby’s family were good, a great way of relating how the mutants of this universe are treated, with such prejudice and how that reflects on the ones we have dealt with as well. I found Nightcrawler almost unbearable to watch, almost too sympathetic. His hurt face when Wolverine shot him down, ack, a surprisingly great performance.

Otherwise it was just another great adventure movie, with some great skills (mostly on the bad side, Magneto, Mystique and Inferno) on display. It was a perfectly serviceable film, a good sequel, but didn’t particularly stand out for me.

Rating: 3/5.

Rating: 3 / 5

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