Wild Child

Published April 15, 2017

Wild Child

Film info

  • Title Wild Child
  • Director Nick Moore
  • Year 2008
  • Run time 1hr 38m
  • Genres Romance, Drama, Comedy
  • Tagline New girl. New school. New rules.

Sixteen-year-old Poppy is an LA teen diva who does what she wants, whenever she wants. But after an over-the-top prank pushes her father one step too far, she finds herself shipped off to the one place where everything will change: a British boarding school. No cell phones, no designer clothes... no way. Desperate to break free, she sets in motion the ultimate escape plan involving the head mistress' son - only to discover that this could be the reason she wants to stay.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:24 If you wake up and smile, rather than groan at how tired you are, that’s a good life.
3:26 Mmm, endless pool.
3:50 “Big deal, you can just replace me with a newer, trashier version like you did with mom.”
7:55 School lingo.
9:08 Oof, pheasant to the face.
14:09 What does she actually think a person will do with a Ben Franklin in the UK?
17:36 “What is this place, Hogwarts?”
18:15 PDF doesn’t work for pretty damn straight forward. Crazy man.
24:08 You’re not allowed to say the Donkey Kong thing. Eek.
27:43 She’s a nice headmistress.
31:52 “No, you behave like an a**hole. There’s a difference.”
37:47 God Harriet is so irritating.
40:52 The four-way bath situation isn’t great.
47:40 Bonus Nick Frost.
50:26 Ha, she shook the drink. “Shaken, not stirred.” Not like that though!
53:19 “That is entirely wicked.”
1:00:23 Lacrosse is weird.
1:03:50 Driving everywhere in first gear is crazy loud.
1:16:12 She looked like she was going to flick the lighter on then. Maybe it’s an automatic thing when you handle a lighter.
1:19:20 11 o’clock Wagon Wheel.
1:26:37 Oh my god, imagine the emotion of your daughter looking just like her mother.


I have to start this with an explanation of the journey we went on watching this film. About twenty minutes in, I said “This is reminding me so much of another film, boarding school, bratty teen, learns her lesson.” We thought, we couldn’t remember, we kept watching. As the movie continued, I just felt like it was so familiar, some scenes I recognised, some were totally new to me. Then just before the fire broke out, Mr C and I both knew what was going to happen and realised we had, in fact, seen the film before. How, when, where and why we don’t remember it better than we do is a mystery.

Anyway, on to the film itself. It’s your standard teen film in that there’s a bratty teen who sort of learns her lesson and makes friends and wins out against the school bully. But it’s also a lot of fun, Emma Roberts is great throughout, and it’s the perfect movie to just zone out to after a busy day.

Rating: 4/5.

Rating: 4 / 5

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