When We First Met

Published February 17, 2018

When We First Met

Film info

  • Title When We First Met
  • Director Ari Sandel
  • Year 2018
  • Run time 1hr 37m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
  • Tagline All he needs is a second chance... to be her first choice

Using a magical photo booth that sends him back in time, Noah relives the night he met Avery over and over, trying to persuade her to fall for him.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:33 I know that handwriting style font. Nerd.
4:09 “Do I like breathing?” I’m not sure I LIKE breathing, it’s more of a necessity.
9:23 Bumper does good faces.
12:07 “Let’s go train wreck.”
16:39 It is weird that they had ’the night’ and it didn’t work out. Friends reference!
21:28 It was the Red Bull that made him believe. A Red Bull Revelation!
25:17 If your first instinct is to sing a BTTF song, then you are my people.
32:46 I mean, it’s intensely Groundhog Day, but I still love it.
34:21 “Why do you keep hitting me with trees?”
45:55 The blonde tips are crazy bad.
59:38 That is some house. So interesting the sacrifice/pay-off thing though.
1:06:30 Cousin Shannon! Ha.
1:10:38 Aww, the sad realisation part.
1:15:19 You take up a lot of room when you’re a dunkin donut.
1:24:40 “God damn time travel.”


I mean, look. This is Bumper doing time travel. So of course I heart it to pieces.

Rom com, time travel, laughs, loves, Back to the Future references, it’s almost perfect.

Two complaints only:

One is that he mentions that he felt he waited too long and was suddenly the friend. I think one of his visits should have been attempting to make a move earlier in the night. It’s the only thing he didn’t try.

Two is that the woman who was one of the best things in it isn’t even featured on the cover.

Small gripes though, for a time travel movie that shows the consequences of changes made in the past (my absolute favourite thing), and proves that you can’t really out-think fate.

Rating: 5/5.

Rating: 5 / 5

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