Wayne's World 2

Published August 20, 2023

Wayne's World 2

Film info

  • Title Wayne's World 2
  • Director Stephen Surjik
  • Year 1993
  • Run time 1hr 35m
  • Genres Comedy, Music
  • Tagline You'll laugh again! You'll cry again!! You'll hurl again!!!

Having achieved godlike status as a late-night TV presenter, Wayne now confronts the question that has plagued man for centuries: is there life after cable? Wayne gets his answer in a dream, wherein a very famous (and very dead) rock star says: 'Put on a rock concert, and they will come.' So Wayne and Garth present Waynestock. But first, Wayne must save his girlfriend, Cassandra, from a sinister record producer, as Garth grapples with the advances of mega-babe Honey Hornée.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:50 Great timing of them saying Aerosmith and it appearing. No spoilers here.
5:20 The drive-in massive face is terrifying.
10:27 “You’re worthy, you’re worthy, get up.”
18:34 Waynestock is actually a great name for this festival.
20:22 Haha, the stand-ins in London.
24:12 “I’ll get rid of the boyfriend and the band.” Ambitious to do list.
27:22 Such a random Jurassic Park homage.
34:22 “Would you like to have dinner some night?” “Oh, I like to have dinner every night.”
45:58 I feel like sorting out all the M&Ms would be quite therapeutic.
50:32 The YMCA!
53:25 Bod training.
1:00:53 Bonus Drew Barrymore!
1:11:25 Garth with his hair all brushed is weird.
1:17:19 “That’s a Unix book.”
1:25:00 Very happy with having done the Graduate homework.


Meh, it passed the time, but it’s not good at all is it? Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Rating: 1 / 5

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