Toy Story 3

Published January 16, 2012

Toy Story 3

Film info

  • Title Toy Story 3
  • Director Lee Unkrich
  • Year 2010
  • Run time 1hr 43m
  • Genres Comedy, Family, Animation
  • Tagline No toy gets left behind

Toy Story 3 welcomes Woody, Buzz and the whole gang back to the big screen as Andy prepares to depart for college and his loyal toys find themselves in… day care! These untamed tots with their sticky little fingers do not play nice, so it’s all for one and one for all as plans for the great escape get underway. A few new faces - some plastic, some plush - join the adventure, including iconic swinging bachelor and Barbie’s counterpart Ken, a thespian hedgehog named Mr. Pricklepants and a pink, strawberry-scented teddy bear called Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear.

Live Blog

Time Comment
2:10 The orphans!
5:12 I can’t think I ever had that much imagination as a kid. Maybe I just didn’t have the right toys!
09:30 The army guys went AWOL. I wonder where they ended up.
10:56 “Come on, let’s see how much we’re going for on eBay.”
15:07 The dog got old.
17:16 The pig is so awesome, I want one.
21:52 It’s a bear! It hugs a lot though.
23:42 I knew the Ken and Barbie thing was coming and it was still brilliant.
26:07 “You don’t know me from GI Joe but…”
31:52 The horse whimpers like a dog.
34:42 It certainly seems like Woody kicks off a lot of imagination in the kids.
39:48 I like the idea of a seedy betting joint for toys. I wonder where they would go if they didn’t have a vending machine.
41:00 I really like the hedgehog. This film makes me want so many toys.
45:20 Hehehe, sweet potato. Because she’s a potato.
48:12 I’m afraid to say the purple bear is still cute even if he’s evil.
50:06 Is Chuckles the same voice as high-steppin’ dance?
1:01:15 That monkey is terrifying. I may have nightmares.
1:08:23 “Come on, El Buzzo.”
1:17:32 Have they ever been in a more precarious situation? Also, where is the purple bear? He’s in there somewhere too.
1:21:18 This probably counts as a more precarious situation.
1:23:00 The Claw!!!
1:24:28 Pretty genius way of giving the bear his just desserts but in a kid friendly fashion.
1:29:37 That’s a lot of toys to give to one child, isn’t it?
1:32:38 Bonus hedgehog sighting!
1:37:55 You’ve got a friend in me in Spanish. Perfect.


Mr C was ready to watch Toy Story 3 as soon as it was available but unfortunately, I couldn’t remember anything about the first two. Hence we had to wait until we’d watched both the original movie and the first sequel before enjoying this third one. We’ve had mixed feelings about Pixar and their sequels in the not-too-distant past, but Toy Story seems to have done okay so far. I was a bit reticent as I know a lot of people said it was weepy, and I didn’t want to be awkward. But after a hard weekend, we were happy to sit back and enjoy the toys.

Well, it was brilliant. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was, and whilst it did suffer a little from sequel syndrome, it was good. I didn’t like some of the darker sequences - the purple bear went a bit over the top, I reckon - and there were a billion new characters for merchandise selling opportunities. However, unlike Cars 2, the story underneath this one held up and had real emotion attached. I was confused why anyone would cry at the film when it was the best possible ending that could ever happen. They were all together and all happy.

I was wavering a little on what score to give the film, but actually, when it comes down to it, I’d give it 5 out of 5 for Hamm playing the harmonica alone. Also, the orphans!

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: 5 / 5

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