Top Hat

Published November 14, 2022

Top Hat

Film info

  • Title Top Hat
  • Director Mark Sandrich
  • Year 1935
  • Run time 1hr 41m
  • Genres Music, Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline They're dancing cheek-to-cheek again!

Vacationing in London, Dale Tremont is awakened by Jerry Travers working out his new dance routine in the hotel room above hers. Although the two feel an instant attraction, Dale thinks that Jerry is married to her friend Madge. When Jerry then pursues Dale romantically, she is shocked - believing him a cad - yet she can't stop herself from falling in love with a seemingly married man. But when the couple meet again in Venice, all misunderstandings are resolved as Dale and Jerry dance together under the moonlight, cheek to cheek.

Live blog

Time Comment
0:40 Despite them being completely iconic, this is my first Fred & Ginger experience.
2:52 Complete silence whilst reading a newspaper is surely impossible. They’re crinkly beasts.
7:50 “How are they?” “Wives? They always have a little scheme…” Dude.
8:56 Romance-y. Bit of a forced rhyme!
15:35 He tapdanced himself to sleep.
19:46 “What is this strange power you have over horses?” “Horsepower.”
27:07 Alberto has a pretty ropey Italian accent.
33:02 Plural personalities.
40:25 Ooh, I know this Top Hat song, how do I know it?
48:09 I do think black and white film covers a multitude of fake-prop sins.
59:52 “I’m afraid I’m going to have a headache.” Love it.
1:05:28 What a dress!
1:15:38 “All is fair in love and war and this is revolution.”
1:30:30 This sounds a lot like let’s face the music and dance, which would also be appropriate.


This is my earliest film watched to date, and my first Fred & Ginger, and I really enjoyed it. What a great musical! It’s a bit corny in places, and I really question the logic of someone tap dancing in any kind of apartment or hotel building… but I loved all the mistaken identity stuff, and that everything that happened just went to reinforce her thinking Jerry was the married one. Fun and frothy, and the only downside was how poor the Venice set looked… to my modern eyes, of course.

Rating: 4 / 5

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