The Wedding Planner

Published November 24, 2019

The Wedding Planner

Film info

  • Title The Wedding Planner
  • Director Adam Shankman
  • Year 2001
  • Run time 1hr 37m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline His big day is her big problem

Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) is a successful wedding planner whose creative ideas make her clients' weddings a dream come true. She is unlucky in love and is desperate to meet the perfect man, before it is too late. When she meets Dr. Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey) Mary is instantly smitten. But there is one problem, he is about to get married and his wife-to-be wants her to organise the wedding. This causes problems as the more time she spends with her clients organising their big day, the more she falls in love with the groom.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:08 She’s so good at this job. I need J.Lo pep talks in my life.
7:57 Is earwax one word or two? I think one.
9:26 “I want three sons and a garden of tomatoes.”
14:28 “N-I-D’s. Not into details.”
19:15 Clean toes are the criteria for heaven, obvs.
27:47 Love protective Bert.
31:01 “Those who can’t wed, plan!”
38:59 He’s a jackass, and he plays golf. Boo.
42:16 It’s impossible not to love Massimo.
47:39 “And the good news is, I have the wine!” Priorities.
52:34 Appreciation -> Respect -> Like -> Love.
1:02:34 “Love can’t always be perfect. Love is just love.”
1:10:50 A worry about him leaving all the candles alight with her.
1:13:16 “Please go away,” she has some strength.
1:23:53 It says a lot that she said “my” wedding. So Monica.
1:28:55 I have never noticed that it’s the same taxi driver from the beginning of the film! With added neck brace!
1:35:29 They’ve confused dancing with kissing.


Right. Well. Here’s the thing.

I used to love this film. Genuinely thought it was one of my favourites and I have been waiting for SO LONG for it to be available anywhere on demand, but it has been stubbornly absent. Suddenly, out of nowhere, it popped up on the iPlayer and I was ready to watch straight away.

Only… it doesn’t quite live up to my memory of it. J.Lo is great in it, I love that she’s uptight and desperately trying to keep it all together but gradually unwinds and opens up and learns about her family and friends. And I am in love with Massimo, obviously.

But Steve. Or Eddie. Or whatever we’re calling him. He’s not a good guy. This isn’t, a good guy makes bad choices. This is a bad guy. This is a guy who flirts with someone and then actively goes on a date with them, whilst having a fiancé. Who proceeds to plan a wedding with the woman he has a crush on, knowing full well he doesn’t want to marry the woman he’s actually given the ring to.

Why does he wait until the wedding day to have that conversation with Fran? That’s just mean, and even though she ends up grateful, he really could have done it beforehand, and saved everyone a lot of bother.

Maybe Massimo isn’t right for Mary but oof, she really could do a lot better than Steve.

Rating: 3 / 5

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