The Terminal

Published January 31, 2015

The Terminal

Film info

  • Title The Terminal
  • Director Steven Spielberg
  • Year 2004
  • Run time 2hrs 8m
  • Genres Comedy, Drama
  • Tagline Life is waiting

This romantic comedy from director Steven Spielberg revolves around an Eastern European man by the name of Viktor Navorski, whose plans of immigrating to New York were hastened by a violent coup in his home country. Unfortunately, Viktor finds himself on the wrong end of a nasty technicality while en route to America: His passport was issue from a country, which, during its upheaval, ceased to exist in an an official capacity. Unauthorised to leave Kennedy Airport upon his arrival and unable to return home, Viktor finds himself exiled inside the terminal's international transit lounge.

Live blog

Time Comment
0:48 Interesting flippy board credits. They don’t really have those anymore.
5:04 Fab Stanley Tucci but horrid fish up on his office walls.
7:23 So rude to tell someone they are unacceptable like that.
8:55 “Welcome to the United States… almost.”
17:58 He’s very resourceful, if slightly destructive.
27:43 I am childish enough to enjoy the CCTV camera following him around.
32:32 Gawd that’s a lot of Burger King.
33:26 Genuine Friends reference!
40:49 Ten years later, she really IS a Trekkie!
42:58 Mr C is my man of misery.
49:24 He cheat.
59:09 They just x-rayed Tom Hanks!
1:07:16 Tucci is very good at his job. Shame he’s obsessed with Hanks.
1:20:24 He’s got all the money now, tax free cash in hand job.
1:23:42 “What time?” “Dinner time.”
1:29:08 I don’t think it’s allowed to throw random things on the runway.
1:40:33 He came all this way and got stuck at the airport for nine months just for a signature. Oof.
1:49:43 I really like the guy in the red suit, the newly wed.
1:52:50 That’s a heck of an armed response for just one guy and a mop.
2:01:33 I hope they haven’t started another war whilst he’s been out and about.


I’ve seen this before, but so long ago that I couldn’t remember anything about it bar the concept of Tom Hanks being trapped at the airport. For some reason, I had the feeling it was a really sad piece, and whilst it does have its moments, it’s ultimately a touching story with a satisfying ending, no tears required.

I thought the bits at the beginning, with Viktor trying to understand the situation without speaking the language were good, as well as Tucci’s gradual descent from trying to be helpful to just wanting to be rid of the annoyance. Stands the test of time, a great watch and better than I vaguely remembered it being, which is a bonus!

Rating: 4/5.

Rating: 4 / 5

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