The Sting

Published October 28, 2012

The Sting

Film info

  • Title The Sting
  • Director George Roy Hill
  • Year 1973
  • Run time 2hrs 9m
  • Genres Comedy, Crime, Drama
  • Tagline All it takes is a little confidence

Winner of 7 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, The Sting stars Paul Newman and Robert Redford as two con men in 1930s Chicago. After a friend is killed by the mob, they try to get even by attempting to pull off the ultimate sting. No one is to be trusted as the twists unfold, leading up to one of the greatest double-crosses in movie history. The con is on!

Live Blog

Time Comment
0:25 Wooo, the Entertainer. One of the only songs I can play on the piano from memory.
1:24 I like credits/titles that show you the character next to their names.
6:04 I’m always confused by the people that chew on the toothpicks. I would hurt myself!
8:44 Snazzy new suit that looks very similar to the previous one!
11:05 Oh people and their gambling ways.
12:26 Awesome cars.
17:20 “I’m getting too old for this racket. You hang on too long, you start embarrassing yourself.”
19:49 Naughty policeman. Why is it so easy to feel sorry for these conmen even though they are thieves?
22:13 Why are their phoneboxes indoors?
23:58 That’s Ye Olde Rage.
29:09 Where do you get massive blocks of ice like that? I want one!
31:35 “Cos I don’t know enough about killin’ to kill him.”
40:36 Dear me. Why won’t he own up to the fake money? These people are helping him out?
48:28 Trains with compartments are the best.
50:06 Earlier, Hooker tossed out a full bottle of wine. Now this is half a bottle of gin down the sink. So much alcohol wasted.
57:03 I hate this bit because I still haven’t got my head around poker.
1:06:00 “If I’m not there by quarter to two, I’m not coming.”
1:11:32 It’s quite fun that they all wear hats.
1:26:42 Ooh, I love last minute cons, that’s what Hustle do all the time.
1:30:55 Why are all the doors to these diners on the diagonal?
1:33:30 Whenever they say Gondorff, I keep thinking Gandalf.
1:40:51 Running down alleyways is like people running up to the roof. Never works out well!
1:44:28 “You stink, Mister.” These are my kind of insults.
1:54:12 Imagine having half a million just turning up at your desk like that. Mmmm, money.


I’ve seen this film a gazillion billion times and I absolutely adore it. I love the con man genre (Hustle, etc) and this one also holds fond memories because my dad introduced me to it. Mr C and I were feeling a bit run down on Saturday, so settled in for an afternoon on the sofa - and this makes a perfect afternoon film.

Naturally, I went into this film knowing I loved it, and it was quite fun to be watching with Mr C who hadn’t seen it before. This time I got to be the one who answered the questions and had all the knowledge - that very rarely happens! Anyway, I love it so it’s only ever going to get a five out of five from me. It is slightly longer than I remember, but the twists and turns along the way make it so worth it.

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: 5 / 5

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