The Secret Life of Pets 2

Published September 5, 2020

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Film info

  • Title The Secret Life of Pets 2
  • Director Chris Renaud
  • Year 2019
  • Run time 1hr 26m
  • Genres Family, Comedy, Adventure, Animation
  • Tagline They still have their secrets

The Secret Life of Pets 2 continues the story of Max, Gidget, Snowball and the rest of the gang as they take on new adventures and are pushed to find the courage to become their own heroes. Explore the emotional lives of our pets - the deep bond between them, the families that love them - and find out what your pets are really doing when you're not at home.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:00 Empire State of Mind is a TUNE.
1:53 I think we can all see where this movie is going.
3:42 Oh, okay, the film I was expecting happened in the first four minutes.
5:22 “Was the world always this dangerous?”
7:35 Oh my god, it’s a bunny with a cape and I’ve died.
12:46 How do you know if your pet has a behavioural disorder?
14:59 Cat twanging a door-stop is the GREATEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN.
21:00 Yas! Tiffany Haddish just brings the sass. Do we think she ever turns the sass off?
22:29 “Our humans were stowed away safely in the overhead compartment.” DUDE.
25:58 He just got totally owned by that cow. Love it.
29:13 How have they made this dog look like Harrison Ford?
30:14 Honestly, Harrison Ford is stupidly good.
32:28 Circuses are the actual worst.
33:53 Not entirely clear at this point what Tiffany needs the bunny for, apart from giggles.
39:52 “Coffee on keyboard.” Cats, man.
41:07 Wait a second, the window was barely open when he went in, then wide open on the other side? Continuity errors in an animation must be worth twice as much that in live action.
41:57 “I promise to listen to Pops and learn how to be adorable, wide-eyed and loving, to get what I want when I want it.”
46:49 Okay, we need a podcast in which Harrison Ford explains the fairy tales.
51:06 The pig-pig!
57:00 “Some stuff happened and now it’s over.”
1:04:50 Enjoying “find my inner rooster” as a concept.
1:10:36 Ima be honest, I wouldn’t take on the unicycling monkey with knives.
1:17:08 The Lovely Day remix is fizzing my brain a bit.


The first Secret Life of Pets movie was a bit of a surprise to us, as we’re not big pet people. But it’s a fun premise and a good cast. The sequel continues along the same lines, although you can tell they struggled to come up with a good story - instead you’ve got a handful of mini stories plugged together. And some of them didn’t quite stack up within themselves - what was all the fuss with the bee toy, when he never even asked for it back, after all they went through to retrieve it.

Harrison Ford really makes this one, the wise old farm dog teaching lessons and generally being marvellous. Tiffany Haddish also has some excellent lines. It didn’t totally work as a movie, and wasn’t quite as good as the first, but overall, as a short film to enjoy with a glass or two of wine, it was good times.

Rating: 3 / 5

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